The digital will


Our digital identity after we die
In a recent article published by The Guardian it is estimated that that by 2100 there could be 4.9 billions profiles of dead users only on the social network Facebook. As for the material items we leave after us, we should take into consideration all our personal digital information: this is an important issue, because maybe we would like others to access to our pictures or music libraries, our email or social networks accounts, but we would like to ensure that some secrets will remain hidden in the net.

It’s a more and more debated topic and experts say that it’s very important to create a sort of “digital will” for our loved ones who will be able to access to our email and social media accounts, to know website login information, download our pictures from digital storage websites (like cloud) after we pass away. Both Facebook and Instagram, for example, boasts some features to manage our accounts after death and also Google has an inactive account feature to allow a trusted person have access to our information. There are different ways to do it and getting to know more about our social identity will help us in this delicate task.
Make it easier
DISK project aims to help citizens in taking an active role in the digital society and, in this specific issue, will enable you to create and manage your social identity, getting through the jungle of norms and policy settings of every account provider and social network, in order to have an easier online experience. Follow our blog to stay updated on the project news and outputs.


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