The new pandemic and digital competences

The new situation that has been provoked due to the CONVID-19 has spotlighted the necessity of  digital competences.

People in most countries are not allowed to go shopping, except  food stores and pharmacies. They are encouraged or obliged to shop on-line and do their financial transactions using digital tools.

In Greece,  the authorities developed a mobile phone application that provides permission to people to move around, in a period that traffic is banned.

Every person that wants to get out must send an SMS to a certain number for free. He/she must choose one of the six reasons that are eligible to go out, during  this difficult situation:

  1. Go to the pharmacy or visit a doctor , when it is recommended.
  2. Go to the food store, whenever home delivery is not possible.
  3. Go to the bank, whenever e-banking is not possible.
  4. Go to assist other people that are in great need.
  5. Go to a ceremony (wedding/funeral etc.) or visit a child (it concerns divorced couples).
  6. Short term exercise near their house (maximum 2 people) or escorting a dog!

Citizens receive immediately an answer and they must keep their mobile phones with them to prove the given permission.

There are other manual ways to get permission to go out, but every time people have to print a certificate, write it and sign it.

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