DISK and Government

Nowadays, E-Government is more and more being implemented. One of the targets of the DISK project is to prepare citizens to live and function in this continually expanded digital world.

Function of e-Government

E-Governance is expected to improve the functioning of Public Administration. Its implementation has benefited  the public sector and businesses and citizens alike. The benefits provided by ELECTRONIC GOVERNANCE are:

  1. Reduction of the public services costs.
  2. Improvement of the quality of the services provided.
  3. Reorganization and streamlining of public administration processes.
  4. Increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.
  5. Reduction of the direct contact of citizens with public services.
  6. Time reduction  to process and extend the availability of public services (24 hours without local restrictions).
  7. Promotion of democracy and corruption control.
  8. Involvement of the community as a whole in shaping public policies.
  9. Control and delegation of responsibilities to the public administration.

The implementation of e-government has also benefited some vulnerable social groups, eg. people with disabilities, as the procedures for dealing with cases were simplified.

Benefits of E-Government for the Citizen

The main benefit for the citizen in implementing e-government is the better quality of government and business e-services. Access to services 24 hours a day, pre-filled forms to be used and reduce transaction time and costs. Faster and more complete service, with  no physical presence required . Finally, aiming to the reduce of bureaucracy, the citizen can be directly monitored for any transaction process.

What is the Added Value of the DISK?

In the DISK project trainings will be developed for people with elementary experience of E-Government. They will be helped to act as citizens without disadvantages. These trainings will increase the digital competences of the trainees, focusing on typical interaction with the government: check for social assurance issues, apply for a passport, solve problems with social security and other related issues.

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