Do you know jpg compression?

Smartphone Images & JPeG

Many people in Europe own a smartphone (approx. 240 million; source: All smartphones have an inbuilt camera and most people use it. 43 % of the smartphone users are taking images with their device and produce millions of images each year. Some of the can be admired in Facebook, Instagram or at other places in the internet.

All these images are JPeg images. Jpeg means the format the images are saved. Jpeg is a so-called lossy format. Most people use this format and have no glue, how it works, what compression means, and which information gets lost with using the JPeG format.

This competence to handle images will be one of the topics conveyed in the develop courses. To get an impression about the different compression level and the resulting image we show a short interactive tool that will be part of the developed course. It is a small multimedia-based interactive tool to demonstrate the differences in compression.

If you like this example, follow the blog and the information published in the blog! You also may discuss with us the published issues!

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