MyDigiSkills-Self Evaluation Tool

The project DISK (Digital Immigrants Survival Toolkit) aims to develop a toolkit for Digital Immigrants to improve their digital literacy. To be an active citizen in a digital society, if one does not have adequate digital skills, one risks being left behind as more and more social activities and services are performed online, alongside tasks in private life, business, and work. The DISK project and its skills map and toolkit with its modules are based on the European Digital Competence Framework for citizens known as DigComp and its five domains; information and Data Literacy, communication and collaboration, Digital Content Creation, security, problem-solving. In addition, a self-assessment tool, a mandala, is being developed as part of the DISK project.

The European Commission launched an interactive self-assessment tool MyDigiSkills for digital skills on 23 March 2021. MyDigiSkills helps to better understand one’s level of digital skills based on knowledge, skills, and attitudes in each of the five areas of the European Digital Competence Framework for citizens, known as DigComp. The five areas are: Read More …

Overcoming digital threats

In today’s world everyone is connected. We use social networks, websites, smartphones, and we spend most of our time in front of a screen. This happens mostly to the younger, but involves all ages. Internet is the greatest invention of the last decades, but it also filled our reality with new dangers and threats. Hackers Read More …

Interactive Presentation of JPEG Compression

An interactive example of image compression is part of the learning module “Images”. You may try out this example of multimedia-based and interactive content and leave a comment. We appreciate any knowledge and experience exchange with other people involved in Adult Education providing this kind of training!