Module “Images” in the Test Phase

The module “Images“ is almost finished and is being tested currently.

The module gives a first overview of pictures and working with pictures. The module was set up in Moodle and mainly uses multimedia or interactive content.

Two self-evaluation modules enable the learner to (partially) check the skills they have acquired.

The module is versatile: it can be used in classic blended learning as well as in flipped learning 3.0. At the end of the project, a transferability guide will be created, which will deal with the use under different pedagogical models.

Content of the module

  • Presentation Image Formats, Image Formats File
  • Image Compression
  • Interactive exploration of Text Compression and Image Compression
  • Images Stored in the Cloud
  • Use of Images File
  • Social Media and images
  • Simple Image editing (Select an image, Crop an Image, Color Adjustment, Brightness Correction, Sharpen an Image)
  • Two (interactive and multimedia-based) Self-Evaluation modules

Use of multimedia

The module makes extensive use of multimedia elements. It thus follows the ideas of Richard E. Mayer, which he describes in his book Multimedia Learning (new edition 2020), which is still valid today.

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