Kneipp-Course (Wiener Neustadt, Austria)

The first course started on February 7th in Wiener Neustadt. The selected topic was “the digital state” and deals with e-Government and data security. The course was merged from module 05 (e-Government) and module 11 (protect your data and devices).

First on-site training

The course exactly reached the target group: The participants are inexperienced in the use of technology. They only have rudimentary mastery of their devices, some of their devices are relatively old, and there is practically no experience in technology-based learning. The course had to be started from scratch, which means:

  • Training on the devices,
  • Connection to the W-LAN,
  • Logging on to the server and finally
  • Registering on the learning platform and
  • enrolling in the course.

All participants could master these challenges within the foreseen time. The first practical assignments also were possible. Here are some pictures taken during the first on-site training.

Course closing

The course will finish on February 28th. The provided Material will be available for the learners another month. A qualified evaluation will assess the course itself, the implementation of the course as well as the implemented andragogy-based approach.

Background information

The course concept follows a Flipped Learning 3.01 approach. The Individual Space is covered by two Distance Learning phases, while the Group Learning Space takes place in three on-site pieces of training. 



1 More information about the used Flipped Learning Framework is available from the web page of the FAdE Project. A Flipped Learning Guide (PDF, approx. 170 pages) can be downloaded here: Flipped Learning 3.0 Guide