Learning, Teaching & Training Event

The LTT event of the project took place in Fano (Italy) from November 3rd – 6th, 2021.

The training activity offered lectures and workshops in the various project-relevant items. Through this knowledge transfer, all project team members were able to use the technology-based training environment (Moodle 3.X server) and the Mandala Self evaluation tool. The main emphasis to the training focused on

  • Learner-centered training for adults
    Use of quality circles & quality enhancement instead of simple quality assurance
  • Mandala self-evaluation
    • The use of the Mandala as self-evaluation
    • Self-Evaluation mandala – a tool for motivating learners and validating learning success
  • Benchmarking for quality enhancement
  • Moodle 3.X & multimedia & interactivity
  • Basics of Flipped Learning 3.0 – Introduction to Flipped Learning 3.0
  • Technical issues in content creating
    • Use of eXe-Learning Editor to create specific interactive Micro-Learning elements
    • Case study with self-evaluation
    • A guide on how to introduce H5P objects to the Moodle course
    • Creation of some H5P objects

Aims of teaching activities

  • Knowledge transfer on a transnational level and between the participating organisations
  • Defining guidelines to create the pilot courses.
  • Development of competencies in learner-centred training, the flipped approach, and the heutagogical approach
  • Additional knowledge transfer based on learner-centred Blended Learning and quality assurance.

The staff training activity provided the necessary understanding of technical backgrounds and strengthened the skills in creating and providing the planned content.