IO 5 Transferability and Implementation Guide

The Transferability and Implementation Guide summarizes the background information on the various modules (for example the graphics of the competence maps, or the dependencies of competencies in various modules) and describes the implementation of modules.

This documentation of the “Survival Kit”

  • Enables trainers to modify modules by adding well-fitting competencies, putting together modules to bigger units, or adapting the modules to a different group of adults (education level, age, environmental conditions)
  • Enables educators, trainers, or teachers to transfer the modules also to a different field of education (mainly school education).

The guide is available in several types of media to fit best the interested parties:

  • ePub: for general readers, as MOBI for Kindle (flexible format, with images) is available from the ⇒Download Page
  • PDF: Printable format (with media links) is available from the ⇒Download Page
  • Web: HTML 5 including interactive multimedia elements (provided from the web page), go to the ⇒webpage