The Partners

Number and partners’ profile

The consortium consists of 5 partners (3 adult education organisations, one university, and a specialist in course quality & Open Educational resources OER) with complementary skills, experiences, and approach to adult education.

The applicant is the University of Porto, which will focus on adults with lower levels of education and create opportunities for their further education, inclusion, and full participation as European Citizens and for their survival in a digitalized world. 3 Adult Training organizations are well distributed in Europe and have complementary approaches to Adult Education: EDRASE, GR is well-experienced in training in remote places, EFQBL, AT has a specific focus on older people while Training 2000, IT is a professional AE training organisation providing training to all ages of adults. Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consultancy is a Swedish organisation that specialized in quality training and the publishing of OER.