TRAINING 2000 is an adult education organisation certified in the Marche Region for regional training, with experience in education and training in different sectors. At EU level, Training 2000 is involved in research and development of new methodologies in training and education in different sectors in ERASMUS+ projects and former LLP programmes. Since 1992, TRAINING 2000 has been involved in international projects with partners from most European countries in which it has covered issues related to training of trainers, migrants, requalification of people over 50, youth training, specialization for employed and unemployed people. Training 2000 is continuously promoting adult training in the region for apprenticeship, employed, unemployed, community development  in rural and urban areas. At national level, it cooperates with major stakeholders of the sector and with associations of industries and SMEs, Universities, training providers, Ministry of education and labour, volunteering organizations.

Training 2000 delivers training for people working in small and medium enterprises on topics related to ICT, transport, language learning, project management, environmental ethics, social inclusion. entrepreneurship and business models, migrants integration applying innovative methodologies and tools (gaming, apps, e-learning).

Contact: Kylene De Angelis
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