IO 1 Competence Map Development

For the digital rescue kit, the consortium defines how skills and competencies, or competency definitions can be aggregated to form more comprehensive skills and competencies. This has been done separately for each module of the kit.
The consortium will use “LimeSurvey” to ask a small sample of approx 20 people of typical adults (selected from the address pool of each organisation) about their self-estimation of their digital competences in three levels related with the planned courses. These results will be used fo the “finetuning” of the module creation.

The Questionnaire

The participating Adult Education organisations created a questionnaire to ask the target group of the project for their digital competences. The questionnaire has been sent to several hundred people in Greece, Italy, and Austria.

The questions for the survey have been developed together in the project team, and finally translated to the national languages of the countries where people took part.

To process the survey LimeSurvey has been used. This token-supporting professioanl survey tool enables to remind the participants to submit their answers and leads to a high number of answered questionnaiures.

Evaluation of the Questionnaire

The results of the questionnaire are available either in an Excel format and can be evaluated and processed by this office tool. The University of Porto imported the data to SPSS and did a professional processing and evaluation of the available answers. The results were put together to a competence map by the team of the University of Porto.

First interpretation of the results

The first interpretation shows that the digital competences of the target group(s) have not risen sharply in recent years (compared with the DigComp report of the commission published 2017).

Figure: Some results of the questionnaire, presented in the NET-View (German questionnaire).