The project

We live in a digitized world. Tasks done in former times by paper work are today carried out at digital base – for example contact to authorities, tax declaration, travel and booking systems, shopping and other tasks. To understand and to carry out such tasks digital competences (DC) are crucial as the society becomes more and more digital, hence the European Commission has launched the DigComp framework for citizens.

Role of the DISK Project

DC must be learned by the users, as it comprises not just knowledge, but also experiences competencies, skills and attitudes. Without digital competences people become excluded from society. To learn digital competences requires not just external motivation, but also that users feel that they can engage and be more independent citizens. In a technical and digital dominated environment inclusion demands that people feel capable to use the digital tools and means for their ends, in a useful and secure way. Many adults, despite being able and integrated in other spheres, need support to become competent and confident when using digital tools.