Project Results

Project’s results

The results can be expressed as to serve in nano, micro, meso and macro levels.


The nano level addresses digitalization (which means the application of digitized information in practice)
This result is integrated in each module.


Products and outcomes of the IOs represent the micro and mesh level. 15 well-developed, tested and evaluated modules to support adults to act as active independent
citizens in a digital world. These courses will be made available under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license as OERs.

A transferability guide as a support to trainers in other training environments to use the project’s results and to keep the courses open to further development (continuous development adapted to the changes in the digitized world)


Results of the training (represent mesh level)
Approx. 120 adults will take part in the modules and build the first group of more experienced users in the digital landscape


Sustainable results (macro level)
The developed courses will be used by the AE organisations taking part in this project (EDRASE, EBI/EIE, and training2000) as part of their course program. These organisations will care for the further development and sustainability of these courses.

List of results during the project’s life time – these are the elements that lead to the Digital Immigrants Survival kit (toolkit, course modules)

  • Competence Map (fitting to the described modules of the Toolkit)
  • Developed training content
  • Training path and pilot testing
  • OERs
  • Transferability and implementation guide

On the completetion a ready-to-use set of training modules are available. The well thought out dissemination plan (covering the activities A-08 – A-17 care for an appropriate diffusion of the knowledge of the developed mudules and the other project related outcomes.