Multimedia & Interactivity

The DISK Course Modules cover various topics that are necessary to survive in a digital world as we have it today. The modules use a modern approach to learning, based on multimedia & interactivity.

Living in a digital world, there are daily challenges, often aggravated by the COVID situation.  
One example is the “green passport“: If you want to use your green passport on your smartphone, you need an app. Then you have to download the vaccination certificate from a government website. This task frequently requires strict security rules or is only possible with the digital signature. Then you have to scan the QR code in order to finally be able to show the data in the app.
For many older people this process is a serious challenge – but not only older people!
With the course, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in order to be able to do things in the digital world quickly and easily.

The course provides an easy-to-use approach and offers many multimedia and interactive learning units. Often there is also a small self-evaluation inbuilt in such a unit. These “little checks” are frequently structured as “learning by assessment“. This term means a specific approach to learning, where – if the answers are incorrect – help is given to finding the correct solution. Nevertheless, Multimedia & Interactivity are a core issues for all units!


Here we give you a multimedia example from one of the course modules.

The DISK Course uses several open source or free-to-use tools. One is the H5P Framework (a toolset using Javascript for creating interactivity). Other means are Spring Free (to create HTML 5 based presentations from Powerpoint) or PowerPoint as a tool to create videos.

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