Survey on Digital Competences – preliminary results from Greece

One of the first activities of the DISK project, the first Intellectual Output, will be a competence map.

The partner organizations will define how skills and competencies, or competency definitions can be aggregated to form more comprehensive skills and competencies. This must be done separately for each module of the kit.

Partner organizations performed an on-line survey during February-March 2020 to ask a small sample of typical adults about their self-estimation of their digital competences in three levels related with the planned courses. In every country, survey participants were selected from the These results will be used for the orientation of the module creation.

In Greece, EDRASE invited ~ 100 persons to participate. At the end, 33 persons participated in this survey. It should be noticed that, since people answered an on-line questionnaire, they were of a certain level and above, concerning their digital competences.

We present you now some of the characteristics of the participants and their familiarity with the pc use.

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