Questionnaire – first results from Austria

The first Intellectual Output of this project will be a competence map.

For the digital rescue kit, the consortium will define how skills and competencies, or competency definitions can be aggregated to form more comprehensive skills and competencies. This must be done separately for each module of the kit.

The consortium uses “LimeSurvey” to ask a small sample of typical adults (selected from the address pool of each organisation) about their self-estimation of their digital competences in three levels related with the planned courses. These results will be used fo the “finetuning” of the module creation.

In Austria, approx. 80 people were invited to participate at the survey, 58 contributed with answers (this means an extraordinary participation of more than 70 %).

Here is an example of the first evaluation of available results. The question focused on the competence to check the copyright of digilat multimedia material.

Image: Evaluation of question 18 (about competences dealing with copyright issues), source: EFQBL (Austria)

An interesting result in this case is the fact, that the values for “I can do it alone” and “I can explain to others” as a sum are a little bit below the average of Austria. This confirms the data collected by the Commission in 2017.

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