The DISK project at school in Urbino (Italy)

Digital Immigrants meet Digital Natives

The Erasmus+ project DISK- Digital Immigrants Survival Kit was presented on Friday, May 13, 2022 at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale-ITIS “Enrico Mattei” in Urbino (Italy). Being in a school context, allowed Training 2000 to explore the transferability potential of the project and test the validate some topics of major interest with younger Internet users.

After introducing the project structure, main objectives, and partnership (Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, and Austria), Training 2000 showed the Moodle platform by making students explore the training material created by the consortium.

Among the 15 training modules, special attention was given to Module 9- Searching information and Module 11- Privacy and device safety to let students focus on two of the 5 areas of the DigComp 2.1, namely Information and data literacy and safety.

Key concepts such as digital identity, fake news, GDPR, and netiquette were discussed by the participants, giving rise to a debate on the use of the most popular software and ICT tools and the generational gap they feel between digital natives and immigrants.

Moreover, students were asked to self-evaluate their digital competencies through the tool.  It was a moment of self-reflection that helped students not only to train their critical thinking skills but also to become aware of their relationship with ICT  and the Internet.

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